The choir took part, with 7000 children from across the UK, in the Young Voices event at the O2 Arena in London this week. The children represented our academy with pride and it was a truly unforgettable event. A huge well done to the staff and pupils who took part.


Safer Internet activities involved; listening to stories where characters faced difficult situations online, quizzes and even some role play, where children acted out potential scenarios that they may come across when online. All children had a special assembly too.


All the staff and children at HPACH got together and involved on Tuesday 6th February, which was Safer Internet Day! All children from Nursery to Year 6 had a fun filled afternoon, working on activities to raise their awareness about Internet Safety.


Come to our Spring Term Parent's Evening Meeting. Enjoy the chance to talk about your child's progress and learning with our teachers. Letters will go out to arrange appointments in the week of the 19th February 2018. Dates: March 20 3.30-7.00 pm and March 21 3.30-6.00 pm


Staff are all engaged in Ms Travi's fabulous reading inset which builds on the evidence of her recent Reading Audit.


Ben In Year 6, has been awarded the Essex Wildlife Trust Young Photographer of the Year Runner Up Award. Beating thousands of entries. The photo on the certificate is his entry which is of the Wasp Spider.


Online safety training today for pupils, staff and parents from the two Johns! It was inspiring and highly enlightening.


pupils enjoy a visit from Sabeena Hassan our Primary Director.


At the Year 3 & 4 "sports hall" athletics the squad finished overall 4th out of 14 Thurrock schools! We were only 8 points off of 3rd so we are aiming for a podium finish at the next sports event.


Year 4 pupils create their own mini rainforests while exploring the location of rainforests across the world.


Year 4 are enjoying learning all about the Rainforests, their ecology and geography. They want to learn what they can do to preserve the ecology of the rainforests in future.


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Today’s ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report is the ninth ‘outstanding’ inspection in a row for Harris Federation. Thanks to all our staff, students, parents and governors who all play a part in this success.


Year 5 launch their topics with some incredible homework projects. Ancient Egyptian art hides some incredible research deep inside!


Year 5 launched their Ancient Egyptian topic with some amazing homework projects. Welcome to the tomb of the pharaohs!


Merit Award winners at today's end of term assembly, with Miss Pike, Ms Rai and Mr Britt. A great way to end the term.


Almost ready for Christmas lunch today!!!


Fun being had at the Christmas Bazaar. Our PTA did a wonderful job. Thanks to them, parents and pupils for making it such a great event!


More pictures from PTA Christmas Bazaar.


Christmas jumper day fun


PTA created a special Christmas celebration day on friday with Santa visiting every child, a Christmas market in the playground and "snow"!

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Posted on January 23rd 2018

Esafety Updates

E-safety Workshops for Pupils, Staff and Parents at Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred

We were pleased to have such a good turnout for our E-safety workshop for parents, on Monday 22nd January 2018. The ‘two Johns’ gave a comprehensive overview of the dangers of the web and some specific apps that many of our children are using regularly, as well as offering some useful solutions on how parents can work alongside children to keep themselves safe.

Thank you to all those parents who came. Don’t forget to refer to all the useful resources in the linked sites at the end of this document.

The key message from the two Johns was to go along the online journey with your children. Sit with them while they show you what they are doing, open the doors that allow your child to talk to you about what is going on within their online games or social networking sites and don’t just let them take that journey alone. The prime danger is that children are too afraid of telling their parents if something happens online or during an x box game or similar. They would have no hesitation of telling an adult if a stranger approached them on the street but almost 100% of children are reluctant to tell their parents about threats online as they are scared they will be punished or will have the right to access their devices and the internet taken away.


Three rules we can teach our children to keep them safe on line are:


• Do not be tempted to go into private side rooms even when pressured to do so.

• Never give out your personal details to friends you have only met on the internet. People can and will use these to find you and hold power over you getting you to do things you don’t want to do

• If you are scared or worried by anything you do, find or see on the internet ALWAYS call for the help of a trusted Adult. If you can’t do this then use the CEOP Report Abuse button so as your worries can be taken care of.


John referred to three main sources of help for you and your children, they are:

Cyber Bullying

In recent months, we have been approached by some parents who have had concerns about their child’s vulnerability in relation to their internet use, with regard to cyber-bullying. As the use of technology at home and at the academy becomes an increasingly important feature of our children’s daily lives, we feel it is important that we address issues promptly and in partnership. As an academy, we do not consider any form of bullying acceptable. This includes cyber-bullying, which can be very difficult for parents and carers to manage, particularly in isolation. Where we have been approached directly by parents with concerns, we have worked with them to try and identify the source of the problem and to resolve it, even though the incidents happened outside of academy hours. We consider it our role to work with parents to tackle issues related to inappropriate use of the internet by educating our pupils in academy hours, as well as working with parents and staff. It is important that parents and carers are aware of their responsibilities in helping to ensure their children are safe when they use the internet at home, of the dangers associated with the use of digital technology and of strategies they can use to help prevent cyber-bullying etc.

Click here for a link to this information as a pdf file.