Diversity Gold Mark Award received Thursday 4th April 2019. What a great achievement! Thank you to Learningworkz for all your support and the Deputy Major for attending the event.


Year 5 Treginnis Farm trip update.. another fantastic day!


Year 5 displaying teamwork in all its glory Treginnis 2019. We miss you all!!


Year 5 displaying the core values of teamwork and respect. We’re all so proud!


Treginnis . Everyone is working hard and enjoying themselves!


Year 5 setting off for a week of excitement and adventure at Treginnis Farm.


Year 6 Shadow theatre using the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them.


Spring 2019 Community Evening a huge success. Thank you to all our families and staff for the food, memories and laughs!!


KS1 squad finish 9th at the borough athletics. What a fantastic outcome for their first event!! Brilliant news KS1 team!


Red Nose Day Cake sale


Sibel Beadle author of Witchy Travel Tales visiting the academy again on Thursday 14th March, after a successful visit on Wednesday 6th March. A fantastic opportunity for the children to hear Sibel read and parents can purchase signed copies of her book!


Year 5 take part in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. What a fantastic honour for our children and academy to be chosen, alongside 403 other primary schools!


Thursday 4th April Diversty Gold Mark award presented to the academy by the Deputy Major. Keep posted for the pictures!


Fantastic WBD event


WBD a huge success with wonderful characters taking over the academy!


Brilliant effort Archery competition! 1st, 2nd and 5th from our 3 teams out of 15 schools!


Brilliant news we have been awarded the SSAT Educational outcome award!!! Congratulations team!


Gamelan Dance workshop


Year 6 had an immersive insight into the human digestive system. After squishing bananas, crackers, orange juice and water together – the children separated the solids and liquids through a pair of tights.


Another fantastic result for our athletics team.. 2nd overall. Brilliant news!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Staff and Governors at HPACH

Position Name
Acting Executive Principal

Ms K Hanley

Head of Academy

Ms R Rai

Assistant Principal (s)

Miss A Ellard

Mrs L Cottis

Admin Team

Mrs T Holland (Office Manager)


Miss A Uluhan (PA to Head of Academy and Office Admin)

Mrs J Farmer (Finance Officer and Office Admin)

Mrs J Harrison (Office Admin)

Business and Premises Team

Mrs T Hagger (Business Manager)

Mrs D Philpott (Finance Manager)

Mr M Anderson (Premises Management)

Mr G Fry (Caretaker)

Mr R Cooley (Caretaker)

Inclusion Team

Mrs Sandra Munson (SENCO)

Mrs M Plummer (Family and Pupil Support Worker)

Mrs M Baker (Speech & Language Teaching Assistant)

Mrs W Wells (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J Greenhalgh (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Kerry Yarwood (Teaching Assistant)

Nursery Team

Miss R George (Early Years Lead)


Mrs F Wall (Lead Practitioner - Teacher)

Mrs D Cope (Teacher ICAN)

Mrs A Shah (ICAN)

Miss S Stear (Early Years Educator - ICAN)

Mrs C Lineham (Early Years Educator)

Reception Team

Miss R George (Early Years Lead)

Miss S McPherson (Teacher)

Mrs X Rice (Teacher)

Miss V Cooke (Teacher)

Miss A Knott (Early Years Educator)

Miss J Prince (Early Years Educator)

Miss H Johnson (Early Years Educator)

Miss Y Hart (Early Years Educator)

Year 1 Team

Mrs R Wry (Lead Practitioner - Teacher)

Miss E Murphy (Teacher)

Mrs S Pillay ( Teacher)

Miss K Davis (Teacher)
Mrs J Savill (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs V Rudzikiene (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N Mudhar (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2 Team

Mrs D Rahman (Lead Practitioner - Teacher)

Miss A Wilsmore (Teacher)

Miss E Mills-Robertson (Teacher)

Mrs J Morgan (Teaching Assistant)

Ms S Bridges (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 Team

Ms E Csordas (Teacher)

Mrs L Cottis  (Assistant Principal)

Miss N Green (Teacher)

Mr J Hunt (Schools Direct Teacher)

Mrs Y Kurt (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4 Team

Mrs A Ellard (Assistant Principal)

Mrs S Nicolaou (Lead Practitioner - Teacher)

Miss K Woodgate (Teacher)

Miss K Hector (Teacher)

Mrs Jo Koomson(Teaching Assistant)

Year 5 Team

Ms A Ellard (Assistant Principal & Lead Practitioner)

Miss N Kemal (Teacher)

Mrs L Morris (Teaching Assistant)

Mr J Jenkins (Schools Direct Teacher)

Mrs L Morris (Teaching Assistant)

Year 6 Team

Miss A Nash (Lead Practitioner - Teacher)

Mr J Thomas (Teacher)

Miss C Ballinger (Teacher)

Mrs J Koomson (Teaching Assistant)

Cover Supervisors

Mrs K Adams

Mrs B Jackson

Mrs P York  


Specialist Staff



Mrs S Hare (Art)

Mr G Perry (Sport and P.E.)

Mr P Lakovou (Latin)

Ms K Truax (Mandarin)

Extended School Staff

Ms J Koomson (Extended Provision Leader)

Mrs S Sullivan

Mrs K Clemo

Miss E Tuck

Lunchtime Supervision Team

Mrs M Plummer (Pastoral - Breakaway)

Mrs L Bateman                                

Mrs V Bourne                         

Mrs Y Kurt

Mr G Perry (Sport)

Mrs N Mudhar                                   

Mrs J Legge                               

Mrs S Gibson                          

Cleaning Team

Miss V Bourne                                                     

Mrs M Hodgson      

Ms T Lammin                         

Mrs J Legge        


Miss R George (Assistant Principal at Mayflower Academy)

Mrs Sam Green (Assistant Principal at Mayflower Academy)

Clerk to Governing Body Ms Koyeli Solanki 
Governing Body

Details of Governors can be found under the Key Information tab section for the Governing Body


All Governors can be contacted via the clerk at this email address, or by writing to her at the academy office address:

Ms Koyeli Solanki

Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred

Mayflower Road, Essex RM16 6SA


To conatct any member of staff or for any queries, please contact us by email at Your message will be directed to the appropriate member of staff.