More great work from our pupils working online at home and in school


Great work from our pupils working online from home...keep up the fantastic work!


Great to see so many of our Year 6 pupils join our Teams Leavers Assembly yesterday


Such a great opportunity for our pupils to learn about their Year 7 experience in September and ask questions that they have. Thank you Miss Sivyer


Great to be part of the Year 6 to Year 7 transition meeting for pupils this morning


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Our second Year 6 transition bulletin has been sent out. This week, hear from our Head of Academy; Mr Glees. Also read the top tips from Jack in Year 7. All Y6 Bulletins will also be available on our website.


Here is a link to our assembly on Effective Communication led by Mr Drakes


Here is a link to our latest assembly ‘People who Inspire us’ led by Mrs Cottis


It is almost the start of a new week and here is Mr Perry’s Sports Challenge 3


Great work in our Key Worker bubbles this morning


Look out for our assembly links being emailed home. Here is Miss Reynolds’ assembly on Community. Tomorrow is our achievement assembly.


Thank you our pupils are really looking forward to starting their journey with you and was lovely to see Mrs Koomson who works at both academies!


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Our first Year 6 Bulletin has gone out to those joining us in September. This week: Watch videos and meet key members of staff. Also there is a video on our school day and how to read our timetable!


Part 2 of Mr Perry’s Sports Challenge


We will be sending out details tomorrow for the ‘500 words’ writing competition. This year all writing will be linked to the Black Lives Matter movement. Your words have the power to change you and the world around you.


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Thrilled to be joining my fellow judges , and for the 500 Words Black Lives Matter writing competition. So looking forward to reading some amazing stories. 😀 via


Good morning everyone, here is a sports challenge (part 1) from Mr Perry. Tweet or send in your videos to Class Dojo of


Balanced argument writing from our pupils working at home. Well done!


Our latest newsletter is available on the academy website


Great engagement with our home learning . Our pupils are amazing at continuing their learning at home with the support of our wonderful families.

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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At Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred learning English is our highest priority. We believe that learning to read, write and communicate effectively underpins all learning. We provide opportunities for children to view reading as an enjoyable and meaningful activity as well as enabling them to develop their comprehension, inference and thinking skills.

All our children have daily English lesson. There are daily opportunities to practice and enjoy reading including in our structured reading  lessons (when all children read independently, as a group or with the teacher every day). Reading occurs at other times of the day too  e.g. we  strongly promote reading and writing across the curriculum so children have a sense of  purpose and can apply their learning. 

We  teach all our children to become effective communicators, working with them on their speaking skills in a range of contexts so that they can express themselves with clarity and confidence. Our staff value the importance of speech and language development and are supported to articulate clearly with close attention to accurate grammar and pronunciation in speech  at all times od the school day.


Writing is always underpinned by experience and creativity.  Our children are motivated writers who enjoy the process of creating stories, poems and a range of non-fiction texts. We believe that children shoudl be able to speak and write fluently so they can communicate their ideas clearly. At Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred, we want our children to be creative writers who read for pleasure, as well as information. Children learn a wide range of vocabulary and knowledge linguistic conventions for reading, writing and the spoken language.

At Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred, grammar teaching is a core element of our English curriculum.  The characteristics of spoken language are very different from written language. Writing needs to be more concise and explicit, whereas spoken language often relies on context, facial expression, intonation and pause and gesture to convey meaning and create effect. As part of grammar study, it is important that children learn the conventions of Standard English so that they can adopt an appropriate level of formality in their writing appropriate to audience and purpose.


At Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred, we believe that phonics should be taught in an engaging and systematic way, using a multi-sensory approach to our youngest children.  The Read, Write Inc. (RWI) programme enables us to do this.  Further information on the RWI programme can be found here.

In order to accelerate pupil’s progress, we have parent workshops that help adults at home to understand how we teach early reading and writing skills.  This enables adults at home to support their children when listening to their children read their home reading book each day, as well as practising the reading and spelling of high frequency words. Parents can use resources on the RWI parent page to support their child's learning at home.

By Year 2, most children can read and write a wide range of graphemes (the letter or letters that match a sound in English).  Children then move onto a reading comprehension programme.

Reading at our Academy

We have a fantastic home-reading scheme, where children choose their own book according to their stage of reading and what interests them.  A selection of books is kept in each classroom and children choose their own books from this baskets.  Books are regularly swapped around so that there are more books to choose from.

We also have a range of topic books and class author books that children can borrow from the classroom.  This is in addition to the home-reading scheme and is to broaden the children’s knowledge of authors and topic related texts.

Reading at Home

All children at our school are to read for 10 minutes at home every evening. Reading records allow children and parents to record comments about how well and how often reading has taken place.  These are signed and brought into school every day so that staff in the class can do the same.





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