Year 6 enjoying a great poetry day with Thomas "Breaking convention"


Our Year 5 pupils recreated parliament as part of our Equality Day and debated the question: "Do women have fully equal rights in society today?" The children were delighted when our local MP joined the debate on her visit to


Great to have a visit from our MP to round off our Equality Day celebrations. The children debated the issue of gender equality and Jackie spoke with each year 5 and 6 class regarding democracy and women's rights.


Our March for Equality goes all around the playground. The spirit of the Suffragettes is with today.


Our Equality Day started with assemblies celebrating diversity led by Mr Britt. Then we had an equality protest march through the academy.


Parents enjoying our "Equality-tea" Coffee Morning. Celebrating 100 years of women's vote with our parents and a day of learning and assemblies.


Overall winners at this year's Primary Sports Day 3rd place: Kent House and Peckham Park and 2nd place and runners up . Congratulations to winners Crystal Palace!!


Year 6 Boys were runners up! Huge achievement!!


Year 4 Girls and Year 6 Boys performed well for but just missed the podium.


Year 5 Girls winners !!


Year 5 Boys winners....


Year 4 Boys 3rd Crystal Palace 2nd Kent House and winners..... !!!!!


Awaiting the results Primary Sports Day 2018. Lots of medalists but will it be enough to win any team trophies?


pupils are at the sports day at Crystal Palace and are performing well in the heats. !


art club pupils explored the art of Tom Gates looking at line and shape. They used mixed media of pen and collage to create their own stories.


Art Club Students used wax and pastels to recreate the beautiful scenery from our Treginnis Farm trip.


Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils are all set for the sports day at Crystal Palace stadium tomorrow. Go HPACH let's support our athletes!


pupils explored art in Tom Gates' work. They used abstract art to create a story in pictures about their own lives.


Great to see two pupils with their World War II items brought in as part of the topic launch day.


This Friday we will be hosting our EqualiTEA event, which will include a community coffee morning, hosted in partnership with our PTA. We will celebrate 100 years since women were first able to vote. Come to the small hall doors at 9.00 am on Friday.

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Posted on April 18th 2017

Lovely Parental Feedback!

As you know we here at Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred, really appreciate the feedback and support we get from our parent body.


We have lots of contributions, with an overwhelmingly positive message, on the Ofsted "Parent-view" page for HPACH and where it has been indicated that more can be done, ie: in sharing information about our approach to dealing with bullying and in developing better approaches to homework, we are taking action to do so.

To access the Ofsted Parent-view page please click here.


It was also really nice when the following letter came into our office today from the parent of two pupils in Nursery and Year 2 of our academy. We thought that it would be nice to share the positive message as it lifted our staff on the first day of term.



Dear Mr Britt

I wanted to let you know how I feel towards the school and staff who dedicate their hard work and enthusiasm into what they give day to day with the children.

...... my son who is in the Nursery, has made such positive progress in his development and learning and as a parent I feel really proud of what I see and hear of the day-today learning in the Nursery. The staff have been so co-operative and supportive and I respect as a parent what they are doing to make our children who they are today.

...... my daughter, in Year 2, has progressed from strength to strength in her maths and thoroughly enjoys her learning and development. I am very impressed.

The school in my opinion is outstanding and I feel proud when I drop my children off and to know that they are in good care and good hands. I know that their achievements will help them go far in their future life.



We really welcome the feedback we get but it is so nice when the positives get shared as well as the things that need improvement and we anted to thank you because as a parent body we get a lot of praise and recognition and it  really helps make our staff feel valued.