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Lovely gift from Mrs Smith for Ms Rai and Mr Britt.... now who gets which one? https://t.co/l1DLbw1EQ6


Amazing anime sketch by one of our departing Year 6 pupils https://t.co/E1tTfWJTC1


Nursery Graduation. https://t.co/q7M0HY5rmR


Drummed out in the finale! A great production!! https://t.co/b8CnVYkCf4


Finally... a dancing Genie! The production is complete!! https://t.co/iQjeezrv9y


Bandits approaching - Maybe Humphrey the Camel will save the day! Year 6 Production 2018 https://t.co/8zfNM30NlN


Year 6 Production https://t.co/tJEcyhstry


Thanks to the staff, Mr Perry and Mr Thomas in particular, for their hard work at today's EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Sports Days. Thanks to the PTA for looking after refreshments and Mrs Plummer on the water stand. We will revamp the KS2 organization for a tighter programme next year.


Sports Day 2018... Baking heat, multiple events and huge support! https://t.co/XC7lj4XSAP


Year 6 Class of 2018 release balloons to say farewell. https://t.co/8LPpBHKBJh


Class of 2018 at Year 6 Prom enjoying the music, photo booths and burger stall. Even Miss Green who taught this year group as Year 2 is here! https://t.co/MEyiJgYMWV


Year 6 Prom has started!! https://t.co/hcJs2fkdR5


Retweetd From Harris Chafford Hundred

We are pleased to announce we have been reaccredited our accreditation. Thank you to all our world class members of staff and pupils who made this award possible. https://t.co/eMrqsVsHrZ


Year 6 Prom music and food will be amazing!! https://t.co/WO4h0kYM6E


Year 6 Prom Memories Boards...... Can we see who grew up to be our stars of the future? https://t.co/IxPvpHX57q


Preparations complete for the Year 6 Prom 2018 Thanks to our great parental and staff support! https://t.co/IfrZLhNYwq


Retweetd From Leadership Matters

Devele into an honest reflection by Matt Britt on personal leadership style providing a framework for school success | Read more: https://t.co/qXTOYJNgsN https://t.co/BPkj6qMTyP


Year 4 have made dim-sum and invited parents in to share with them, take fortune sticks and enjoy Chinese lanterns and good conversation. https://t.co/cpvU7JyHoR


More artwork produced by pupils inspired by the Pembrokeshire coastal landscapes. https://t.co/gyPJjoxwcx


The children and Mrs share have created an incredible display celebrating the Treginnis Farm trip. Some powerful writing and inspiring artwork. https://t.co/o0zdugNPcb

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Learning at the Academy

Continuing To Improve Our Academy

We have some key aims for the coming year as we further attempt to deliver our vision for outstanding education, "Excellence. Every Child. Every Day."

* Further raise standards in writing at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for all pupils and groups of pupils.

* Free School Meal Pupils and More  Able Free School Meal Pupils to attain in line with their non Free School Meal peer group.

* Provision of teaching and learning to be 100% Good and 50% outstanding throughout the year.

* To further raise standards of attainment and progress for SEN pupils across all Key Stages of the academy.

Approach to Teaching Reading and Phonic Skills.

We are really proud to use the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme across our academy. Read Write Inc. Phonics is a complete literacy programme, for 4 to 7 year olds learning to read and write. Children are placed into homogenous reading ability sets and then learn various phonemes (segments of sound) and the corresponding grapheme i.e. how that sound is written. Sounds are divided into 3 sets. In Reception children will learn Set 1 sounds and some Set 2 sounds; in Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1), children will secure Set 2 sounds and learn new Set 3 sounds.

The programme involves programme specific terminology which your child may talk about when they come home:

  • Fred the Frog: Fred the Frog is a frog which is used as a vehicle to help the children blend sounds. Children learn pure sounds first but then need to learn to blend sounds together so that they can read a word. Fred can only read pure sounds, so the children help Fred by blending the sounds so that they can help him to read a whole word!

E.g. c -a - t sounds out as cat. c- a- sh  has three sounds which make the word cash.

  • Green Words -  these are words which can be read phonetically
  • Red Words – these are words which cannot be read phonetically.

How can you help?

In the Spring term, we hold parent workshops so that you have a better understanding of the scheme and learn how you can help your child to read. In the meanwhile you might find the following videos helpful which explains how to divide words into pure sounds and how to blend them.

Click here to see a guide for parents to how we teach through Read, Write, Inc at Harris Primary Academy Chafford Hundred.